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Bevel and Pinion Gear
Hello, could you please provide price for the items listed below:
Effective Date: 3/4/2021Company: Axxxxx
Ribbed Coil Iron
Hello, I want 3mm, 4mm or max 5mm ribbed coil iron price per kg
Quantities Required: 2000 Kilogram Effective Date: 3/4/2021Company: Axxxxx
Plastic Food Container
Hello, can I learn the price of 300 pieces of plastic food container without printing? Need it urgently. Thanks for your interest.
Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: Axxxxx
Sunflower Oil 18 Lt Tin
Hello, do you offer discounts on bulk purchases? Can I get a price for 100 pieces?
Quantities Required: 100 Adet Effective Date: 2/28/2021Company: Exxxxx
Atex air conditioner
Split air conditioner suitable for 24 btu atex regulation
Quantities Required: 1 Adet Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: Yxxxxx
ATM Cabinet
Hello, I want to get details about the cabin in general. What materials are used on the doors, how they are protected against theft ... I would be glad if you make a return.
Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: Mxxxxx
Raw Meatball Bulgur
We want to buy in sacks. Could you help?
Quantities Required: 300 Kilogram Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: Axxxxx
Can I get information about the wheelbarrow? Thank you
Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: Axxxxx
Scania Oil Pump
Hello, I want to get price and information for the oil pump.
Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: Mxxxxx
Leather Cutting Machine
Hello, I'm interested in leather cutting machine. Can I get information about prices? I would be glad if you could help.
Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: Uxxxxx
electric motor scrape and fridge compressor
electric motor scrape and compressor
Quantities Required: 100 Ton Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: kxxxxx
Garden and Lawn limiter
Limiter used in gardens that is inserted in the ground of the garden couple of centimeters and it is used to stop the grass from growing of separate sections in the garden or used as side fence of the garden, it is made of flexible plastic, 18-20cm
Quantities Required: 400 Rulo Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: Hxxxxx
railway sleepers oak used-hardwood
Rail way sleepers made of used oak hardwood.( length 2.60m length , width 0.15 m and depth .02m)
Quantities Required: 50 Kırk Ayak Konteyner Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: Hxxxxx
Green Coffee Beans
Hello, i'm interested in green coffee bean. Can you provide me with more details regarding quality, price per tone and the origin of the green coffee bean? Thank you in advanced
Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: bxxxxx
Wireless Battery Block
Can I get a price for the battery block?
Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: Mxxxxx
Socks Labels
Hello, first we want to buy 1000 sock tags. Can you help as soon as possible? Thank you.
Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: Txxxxx
Sack Granulated Sugar
Good day, can I learn the price of granulated sugar sack?
Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: Rxxxxx
Sunflower oil
Hello, I want to get price information for sunflower oil.
Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: Exxxxx
Radio Battery
Hello, we want to get information about the radio battery.
Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: Exxxxx
High Insulating Screed
Hello, we are looking for a screed for outdoor terrace floor. Could you help?
Quantities Required: 15 Adet Effective Date: 3/3/2021Company: Şxxxxx